Black And Decker 20v Impact Driver Review

The most budget oriented impact driver for a “homeowner”. Perfect for any DIY projects or small home improvement works, the Black and Decker 20V drill/driver tool is everything you want and more. Check out my black and decker 20v impact driver review to know more about this tool.

I’m using the term “Home Owner” to give you guys a general idea about this tools efficiency and power. Not using this term to downgrade the tool. The 20v motor can tackle anything your project demands.

0-3000 RPM should be enough to drill through thickest of woods. Back that up with 0-3900 BPM and a 20v motor, you got yourself a pretty good deal.

Another cool feature about this impact tool is that it has a really nice ergonomic design. It’s lightweight and won’t cause fatigue to your arm. Don’t forget all the cool little feature that’s built in. Read the rest of the review to know more.

Black And Decker 20v Impact Driver Review

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Impact Driver Kit (BDCI20C)

Just like most other cordless impact drivers out there, you can buy only the tool or the combo kit which includes the battery and charger. I’d prefer the combo kit because it saves a lot of money than buying them separately.

If you are already familiar with the Black & Decker lineup and own a 20v pack, you can use that battery with this one. Here are all the features you will find in this tool.

  • 20V Max lithium ion battery.
  • 0 – 3000 RPM & 0 – 3900 BPM.
  • Quick release ¼ in. hex bit change.
  • 1375 in-lbs of max torque.
  • Variable speed trigger.
  • Compact & lightweight.

This is just a sneak peak of what you’ll get. There are more to it than meets the eye. Stick around as I go through each of them in the following section of this review.

Black + Decker has a lot of drill/driver kit in their lineup. For this article, I’m going to select the BLACK+DECKER BDCI20C which is the impact driver and LDX120C drill driver, which is probably the best in their 20v lineup.

It also comes with a smart tech battery pack which is basically the same tool with some new features on the battery.

Design & Construction

If you take a closer look at the tool, you’ll notice that it is covered with black and orange. The dark orange portion of the tool is very hard plastic and the black portion that is extending around the grip, the side bumper and at the top of the housing is made out of soft rubber material.

It’s very lightweight. With the battery pack connected, the tool itself weighs in at around 3 lbs. The overall dimension is just over 6 and ½ inches long, 8 and ½ inches tall and just over 3 inches wide.

At the base of the grip, you will see the bit storage as well as the LED light. There is no time delay on this led light, it’s activated anytime you hold the trigger.

If you just barely press the trigger, you’ll notice that the chuck doesn’t turn but the LED light flashes. As soon as you release the trigger, the led light will go off.

In a low light situation, if you barely press in on it, it’ll illuminate what you are working on and double as a flashlight allowing you to easily line up what you want to drill into.

1/4″ Hex Chuck

It comes with a quick Release 1/4″ Hex Chuck. It’s a keyless chuck which means you can grab on to it and tighten it down around without any tool.

However, there is nothing internally that’ll prevent it from turning when you try to install a drill bit.

They have a separate ring on the rear of the chuck that you need to hold onto to prevent it from turning as you tighten the front portion.

Variable Speed Trigger

It only has one speed or power mode. But, it comes with a variable speed trigger. If you don’t know what a variable speed trigger is, it means how hard you press in on the trigger will increase or decrease the amount of speed that the motor is going to turn.

It’ll allow you to go between 0 to 3000 RPMs. If you want to go very slow, you just barely press in on the trigger. And then to go very fast you just press in on it all the way.

Forward & Reverse Rotation

Just above the trigger, you’ll notice a black switch. If you switch it all the way to the left, it’ll rotate forward and all the way to the right for reverse.

The center position is actually a trigger lock. It will allow preventing the trigger from pressed in, draining the battery and activating the tool.

Max Torque Of 1375 in-lbs.

While this amount is nowhere near enough for you to break lug nuts, it is quite sufficient for you to do your DIY projects around the house. For example, you can use it to drill tv mounts into studs and similar types of work around the house.

You can also use it to work on your motorcycle tires or your quad bike. It’s lightweight enough to carry with you all the time. You need to push the trigger all the way to really feel that raw impact power.

Value For The Money

To be honest, if you spend a bit more then you could opt for more better motor power and durability. But, the ergonomic and compact design and the tool’s build quality will surely impress a homeowner.

Adequate battery power for all of your at-home projects and enough torque to deal with demanding jobs while giving you long working hours will surely impress you.

  • Ergonomic.
  • Compact.
  • Good value for your buck.
  • Sufficient battery life.
  • Not for heavy duty work.

Final Thoughts

While it won’t break loose lug nuts, which it isn’t meant to do. So, that’s not an issue to degrade this tool.

My primary objective was to let you guys know what this powerful tool can do and what you’ll get out of this one.

Hopefully, the black and decker 20v impact driver review will help you decide if this is the right tool for you or not.

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