Craftsman C3 Impact Driver Review

The Craftsman C3 ½” impact wrench is an awesome tool for an awesome price. It’s got way more torque than a standard 120VAC corded impact wrench and can take lug nuts off with ease. This impact wrench can make quick work of strut bolts and mounts as well. See what other exciting feature this budget tool has to offer in the Craftsman C3 Impact Driver Review.

Here is a quick look at the specs:

Craftsman C3 19.2 Volt 1/2' Heavy Duty Impact Wrench (Tool Only - Bulk Packaged)
97 Reviews
Craftsman C3 19.2 Volt 1/2" Heavy Duty Impact Wrench (Tool Only - Bulk Packaged)
  • C3 19.2 Volt 1/2" Impact Wrench (Tool Only)
  • Torque: Up to 300
  • No Load Speed 0-2900RPM; Impacts per min: 0-3200
  • No Battery or Charger Included
  • Bulk Packaged
  • 300 ft-lbs. of maximum torque.
  • 0 – 3000 RPM/IPM.
  • It comes with 4Ah XCP Lithium-ion Battery.
  • Built-in LED lights.
  • Micro-Texture Overmold Grip.
  • 1/2-In. Square Anvil with Detent Pin Retention.

In this review, I’m going to show you my take on the performance of this, the design, whether I like it or not and the quality of it. Quality is a big concern for a tool that costs way less than top tier ones. And, last but not least, the value. Will it be the best bang for your buck? Let’s find out.

Craftsman C3 Impact Driver Review

Who is this tool intended for?

This tool is for hobbyist, mechanics, and homeowners who have to do small projects all the time and in need of a versatile tool that’s not overkilling but not underpowered.

For a small impact wrench like this, you could probably use it on a job site too. This impact wrench is perfect for busting loose fasteners under your hood, under your car or on your wheels.


The 300 ft-lbs. is perfect for garage and automotive users because when it comes it cordless impact wrenches, power is key. It can easily take apart a dirt bike, engine housing and all the bolts that are holding the bike. If you are a home mechanic, you will highly appreciate the performance value of this tool.

When it comes to raw power, this thing is a beast. This is perfect for the price and purpose but kills the battery super-fast. But it has quite a bit of the power and really speeds the job up.

In the world of construction, this tool can easily screw in lag bolts. Sufficient power to put those bolts into the solid wood frame. Since the battery drains fast, and the fact that it only comes with one battery, you would be better of purchasing an additional battery.

Also, this battery seems a little bit heavier, and you kind of get tired holding it after a while. Not bad for a homeowner application. It’s more suited for mechanics than for putting pieces together. It seems to hold up for a very long time.


Let’s talk about the design of this impact gun. As I have said before, this tool with a battery attached feels a bit heavy on the hand. But the general feel on the hand overall is very good.

It has a smooth operation of forward and reverse settings. It has a short form factor which is nice to hold and work with. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, and you can reach tight and hard to reach corners with ease.

You are not worried about swinging a big thing around. The battery is probably the bulkiest thing on it. Working under a car can literally bring you to some dark places. That’s why there is a built-in LED light that lights up your target.

Unlike other impact tools, the LED light is down below. This lighting position works very well in the dark and illuminates the place where you are working. When working in smaller quarters, I would have preferred the LED lights to be on the top so that the smaller area is easily visible.

If you are working on wheel and rims, there is a rubber buffer up front to prevent metal on metal damages. Even the grip makes it easy to operate with the rubber overmold for comfort and a fingertip grip.


The anvil holds the sockets realty well. Some of the tools I’ve reviewed in the past had a hard time getting them off once you get them on. This tool has a very easy on and off operation.

As far as battery charge time goes, it takes about an hour to fully charge the battery. That’s why I would recommend it for a homeowner and not for someone doing full-time construction or mechanic work.

You could buy across the line and instead of getting the bare tool, you buy a couple of tools with battery, and then you stock up your supply.

In terms of maintenance, I like to keep my tools clean. This helps increase the longevity of whatever tool that I’m using. Even if you put oil on it, you can easily wipe it off. This tool is also pretty sturdy. I could guess this tool is going to last a long time.

It’s a value proposition. It’s one of those tools where everybody hears about the impact drivers and wrenches, and they are like, I have to get one.

But is this the tool to get at this price point?

If you are hobbyist mechanic, I would say this is a good tool for the money. You might want to get something that’s a bit heavier duty if you are planning on setting up a lot of lags. That’s a lot of strenuous work for a tool like this.

For just mechanic work around the house, it has plenty of torque and seems to do a good job.


This tool is powered by a 4Ah XCP lithium-ion battery that powers the 19.2-volt motor. It’s also part of over 30 tools in the C3 platform which means it will work with any C3 battery that you have. Whether it’s NiCad or Lithium-Ion, it will run just fine.

The only problem that was on the previous model was with this battery. If you charge it the night before and use it the next day, the battery life drains. It won’t have enough power to remove even stock wheels on a mustang.

Although it works great if you take it out fresh out of the charger, but, with the new XCP technology, you don’t have that problem anymore.

Personal Opinion

That’s all the info that you need to know about this tool. It’s better if you get this one as a kit instead of buying the bare tool only. The robust motor on this is powerful enough to break free the tightest nuts and drive the thickest bolts.

It’s a little bit on the heavier side because of the battery, but the ergonomic design and grip should give you plenty of comforts.


This is the sort of information that you won’t get when shopping for a tool. You need to take information from someone who used it and take the good and the bad about the tool and give you a precise idea about what you are paying for.

That’s the kind of information that you will get on this site, and hopefully, you found the Craftsman C3 Impact Driver Review useful. In short, this tool is so much better than a budget air impact. Reliable Craftsman tools like this make it easy to get the job done.

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