How to Cut Drywall with A Dremel Tool

If you are looking for the some of the best tools to cut Drywalls then your day just got better. Because today we are going to present to you one of the Best tools to cut Drywalls and how to use each one of them. So let’s get to our first tool without wasting any moment further.

You may be wondering that why we started the list with the Dremel tool although it is not as popular as some of the other tools used for the same purpose in our list. The main reason is our love for the power tools along with the cutting accuracy and finishes which the Dremel tool gives in unmatched and that too without applying any physical effort.

  • Where you can use the Dremel tool?

Now that a really good question, a Dremel tool can be used on any kind of drywall project whether a new project or just remodeling the existing one. The main advantage that Dremel tool has that it can be used in places where you cannot use other saws and knives as scoring and snapping is not possible. For example, if you are working with a large section of overhanging drywall section and you need to cut some electrical panels or switch boxes or even light boxes.

  • What would you require for Cutting Drywall with Dremel

At the start of every project, you need to verify the checklist that whether or not you have got all the necessary equipment that would be required during the project. Similarly, you need a Dremel series tool, any one of the suitable cutting guides and a drywall bit.

These Dremel tools are quite powerful and smaller in size. Depending on the model you select; either a cordless one or a corded they offer variable speed ranging from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM. Depending on the thickness of the drywall you are working you can select the working speed. The guide is set a fixed depth according to the thickness of Dremel thus protecting the layers behind the drywall.

The cutting process

Here is a step by step guide on how to the drywall using the Dremel tool. Before we begin I would advise you to wear safety glasses as a lot of dust is going to be generated and cut off switch the power supply of the panel on which you are going to work.

  • With the help of a measuring tape take the exact measurement of the panel which you need to cut out
  • Now use a pencil to mark it on the drywall sheet, remember the precise the marking accurate will be the cuts
  • Mount the drywall cutting bit along with the cutting guide, set the guide according to the thickness of your drywall panel
  • If you are using a corded model ensure that the cord allows you to reach each and every inch of the cutting section or if you are using a cordless model make sure it fully charged
  • Power the tool and make a hole in the center of the cutting portion and gradually go towards edges while cutting along the marked line
  • The key point to be noted is that most of the bits cut well if you use them in a counterclockwise direction
  • Once the cut is made you can give it finishing touch by using another finishing tool

This is all about the cutting part now; let’s have a look at the pro and cons of the Dremel tool.


  • Easy to learn and simple to use
  • Features multipoint adjustable speed setting for various thickness of drywall
  • Is a multipurpose tool, can be used for grinding and polishing
  • Lightweight and compact, easy to control while operating
  • Durable and efficient tool


  • Generates lots of minute dust particle
  • Drywall cutting bits are quite expensive

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