How to Cut Drywall with Oscillating Multi-Tool – A detailed Guide

Do people tend to ask us that why do we need an oscillating multi-tool for drywall cutting? Is it really worth that? Today, let me give you a much clearer idea that what are the benefits of having a multi-tool in your tool repository. Let suppose that you come across a restoration project where their space is very is very tight. You cannot use your most beloved saws to cut through the drywall and the thickness of the drywall is too much for the Dremel tool, then how would you complete such project.

You cannot take the risk of cutting it with a knife as the pre-installed board may snap from anywhere else other than marked area. Or if the workpiece is too large how much your every tool can assist. These are the few situations where an oscillating multi-tool comes for your rescue. These tools are quite good at working with projects which require very high precision such as cutting ventilation ducts, an electronic outlet in showrooms and all kinds of large cutting work of drywall with minimum damage. This tool is also suitable for those who work with the pre-installed ceiling, that is hard to remodel.


What is an oscillating multi-tool?

For those of you who don’t know what an oscillating multi-tool, it’s that one single tool that can get most of your jobs done such as cutting, grinding, scraping, polishing, Sanders or even saws. All you need to do is to mount suitable head or blades. People often confuse it with rotary tools but it’s a different thing totally. It’s blades or heads move from side to side motion instead of rotations and the motion is really quick, sometimes in the range of 20,000 strokes per minute. It gives a feeling of vibration in hand while operating. You can use it for all kinds of projects like woodworkers, glass fibers, plasters and all. You need a really steady pair of hands while working with it.

How to cut drywall using the oscillating multi-tool?

The cutting process becomes really easy when you are using an oscillating multi-tool, here you don’t need to do much of procedure. It’s simple just mark and cut down.

  • just take a measuring tape, mark the measurements on the drywall with the help of a pencil
  • Plug the tool in or keep your cordless tool fully charged, attach the drywall cutting blade in the tool
  • If you are doing a fresh project, place the panels on the on a workbench or a suitable flat surface, start cutting the panels along the makings
  • If you are doing a remodeling, start cutting at the required Pause in between to clear off the dust so that you could cut accurately
  • Once cutting in complete just tap the board to get out the cut piece

The cutting process is so smooth that you won’t even feel it.

Pros of oscillating multi-tool

  • Features powerful motor makes cutting silk smooth
  • Easy to Handel while operating
  • Features LED lighting helps in working low-lit area
  • A true multi-purpose tool takes care of a large number of jobs


  • It’s expensive if you are not professional decide carefully
  • Quite noisy, 20,000 strokes per min is a big number so noise is obvious

Working note

When you are going to work with a multi-tool always remember to wear protective gear. Wear gloves to prevent accidents from blades, eye gears to prevent you from all the dust and earplugs as it’s quite noisy. While at work give safety top priority.


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