Handling Power Ratchets – 4 Actionable Tips Everyone Should Follow

It has been rightly said that if you take care of your tools properly, the tools will take care of your job. So are here with an article that features expert’s tips on handling your power ratchet.

#1. Assembling tips of Ratchets:

Some people find it quite challenging when it comes to proper assembly of the ratchet. These power tools are quite aggressive in usage, which means if your setup is not 100% correct, you may end up damaging the tool itself.

  • Check the removable:

A power ratchet has a number of removable parts such as the adopters, mechanical joints, extension arms and hoses (in case of air powered ratchets), every part should fit in properly. Even some of the modern Ratchets come with multiple replaceable sockets, check these too. Sometimes it becomes quite tough to put the tool into one piece.

  • Attain the firm shape:

Once you have assembled the ratchet make sure that all the connections are firm, Get to know how your tools work, do not over tight or let loose some parts. Make sure all the components snug in properly and do not wobble while working.

#2. Operational tips:

There are certain mandatory precautions which you should take while operating these devices.

  • Prevent over torquing:

You may have heard this word a thousand times but the situation comes when you do it yourself. Always look at the rated torque of the component on which you are about to work. Even if it is just in the range of your Ratchet try avoiding it, as it is a potential threat to your tool. Moreover over torquing cause the damage of components too.

  • Stop the job in case of suspicious behavior:

If your Ratchet is making any unusual sound or you do not hear the regular clean and smooth ratcheting sound stop at once. In case of an electric ratchet if you smell something burnt to stop the operation. These are the two most clear-cut indications that your ratchet is not working properly. If you continue in such a scenario the ratchet is definitely going to get damaged.

#3. Proper Application tips:

It does not need to say but still, I am reminding you as most of the ratchets are damaged because of this reason only. Each and every tool is designed for specific work and load under a particular work environment. So it should be used for that specific task only. If the damage is caused by improper application, the warranty on the device get voided automatically and I am sure you don’t want that.

  • Avoiding misuse:

I have personally experienced this scenario multiple times. I found people using a smaller Ratchet to remove car lug nut simply because it had enough torque. Also, I have witnessed people using Ratchet as a breaker bar. Using the ratchets for such work can snap its anvil or the drives, damage internal parts or spread ratchet towers.

  • Using proper accessories:

There are cases when you need to bring some customization to the house to get a job done. But make sure you are using compatible upgrades that match the rating of your tool. If you are using extension arms or socket make sure they are chrome sockets as they damage the anvils. If you are using additional battery make sure the battery has a similar rating.

#4. Cleaning and maintenance tips:

For cleaning and maintenance, there are two screws or snap ring in pear-shaped models which hold the backplate. Remove it and carefully and inspect the gear and pawl system for any damage. Spray a degreasing agent to remove the dirt stuck between pawl, gear system, and the housing. Switch it too and fro slightly to remove all the dirt.

Once you have cleaned the tool it’s time now to put it back. Not apply new grease to parts of the working mechanism and lube the other parts with in-line oilers. If your tool is being used once in a while apply more oil. The oiling and greasing will reduce friction your ratchet and will help you work smoother operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who should pay attention?

If you own a power ratchet or are about to get the latest available ratchet for your daily use, then you need to listen carefully about what we have to say. If you are one of those guys who get multiple calls to fix things in a day, then you need to keeps your tools well maintained and always ready for work.

Q. Is power ratchets that important?

A power ratchet is definitely one of the most effective and important items in any toolbox. It doesn’t matter whom the toolbox belongs to, whether the owner may be a professional repairman or a mechanic or regular household personnel. It saves you a lot of money by getting the tough repair jobs done quite easily.

Q. How you can get the maximum from your ratchet?

If you feel that you are unable to utilize your power ratchet to full extent then here are some expert tips for you. These tips will definitely help your ratchet perform better and timely maintenance will increase its lifespan.

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When you have the right set of tools working becomes very easy. And if your tools are properly taken care of, no need of calling an expert. This will get the job done. Just you have to understand how to handle them. For this case I have a proverb, “ a wise woodcutter sharps his axe three hours and cuts the tree in one, whereas a hard worker sharps for one and cuts for three”. Now it is totally up to you, whether you want to be a smart worker or a hard worker.