Hitachi 18V Impact Driver Review

The Hitachi WH18DBDL2 is a triple hammer impact driver that is powered by an 18V battery and a brushless motor. What’s unique about this tool is that it’s the new triple hammer addition where most impact guns have two hammers that slide back and forth; this one has three. It’s also IP56 rated.

This is also the most powerful impact tool that Hitachi ever made. Because it has features on it, that’s not found on any other tool on the market.

They have also upgraded this unit with a completely new battery design. Stick around to see the full Hitachi Impact Driver Review to know all of its exciting features.

Hitachi Triple Hammer 18v Brushless Impact Driver Review

Before I get to the review, let’s start off first with what’s included in the kit. This particular model comes as a whole unit, but you do have the option to buy the bare tool only. We are going to take a look at the kit and see what features this tool has to offer.

Hitachi WH18DBDL2 18V Pro Brushless Cordless Lithium Ion Triple Hammer Impact Driver Kit, 4 Speed Settings, 1,832 in/lbs Torque, Fast Charger w/USB Port, IP 56 Rated, 2-3.0 Ah Compact Batteries
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Hitachi WH18DBDL2 18V Pro Brushless Cordless Lithium Ion Triple Hammer Impact Driver Kit, 4 Speed Settings, 1,832 in/lbs Torque, Fast Charger w/USB Port, IP 56 Rated, 2-3.0 Ah Compact Batteries
  • Hitachi Power Tools has renamed to Metabo HPT. Same great tools, with only a new name.
  • Rated Best Overall Impact Driver by Fine Homebuilding Magazine, April/May 2018
  • Triple Hammer Technology (via incorporating a third impacting anvil) increases driving speed, beats per minute, torque and decreases vibration
  • Features Brushless Motor Technology for more run time, increased power and extended durability with essentially no maintenance
  • Powered by Hitachi's new Compact 3.0Ah Lithium Ion slide-type battery for less weight in a more compact size than a traditional 3.0Ah Li-ion battery

Out Of The Box

The kit includes two 3.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery from Hitachi and a rapid charger. The hard case that comes with the unit is a little bit more than just your regular hard case. A lot of times, nobody actually uses these cases because they are so flimsy.

But if you are on the go, you have ample storage for different size fasteners or whatever you would like to put on top. The charger has a USB port that can be turned on and off on the back of the unit.

It will charge the 3.0Ah battery in approximately 30 minutes and also has a fan inside to keep the battery cool while charging. The compact size of the battery charger will save space on your workbench, and it’s going to allow you to charge your cellphone or your tablet using the same exact charger.

Unlike a traditional blow mold carrying case that’s only good for carrying the tool only, the case that comes with it has extra storage space on the bottom to hold the whole kit.

The top portion of the case is what piqued my interest the most. You can really load it down, organize it very well, and when you get to your job site, you are already going to have what you need.


When you take a closer look at the machine, the first thing I would like to point right off the bat is the green portion. It’s made out of hard plastic, and all the black portion you see extending around the grip, as well as the side bumpers, are softer rubber overmold.

With the 3.0Ah compact pack installed, the whole unit weighs around 3 lbs. The overall dimension of the unit is 8.5-inch high, 5-inch long and the top portion is 2 and 1/4-inch wide.

In addition to that, you will notice that there is a belt clip installed for right-handed use. If you are left-handed, you can remove the set screw and move it to the opposite side, and it will be set up for left handed use.

Triple Hammer

The main attraction of this tool is the Triple Hammer mechanism. It’s going to give you more impacts per minute meaning it’s going to be faster, and it will have fewer vibrations.

Power Modes

The soft mode is rated at 900 RPM in both forward and reverse, and the power mode is rated at 2900 RPM in both ways. At the base of the unit just above the battery pack, you will see a silver button. If you press this, you will see LED’s change on the side. This is how you will change between the different speed or power mode.

When you see one LED light up, that means it’s on soft mode. This mode is ideal for soft fasteners that you don’t want to break. When you see two LED’s that are going to be the normal mode, this mode is ideal for everyday use and average size fasteners such as drywall screws.

If you press that again, you will see a blue LED light up, and that’s going to be the power mode. This is for very large or very long fasteners, and it is going to be at max power with the impact.

Self-Drilling Mode

They also have a feature called self-drilling mode. This is for self-drilling screws such as running a screw in a piece of metal roof, and it’s going to prevent you from accidentally snapping the head off. It will start at a higher RPM and then lower the speed as it starts impacting to prevent accidental damage.


As I have said in the beginning, this tool got an upgraded battery design. It’s now more compact but retains that full 3.0Ah. Unlike a traditional 3.0Ah pack that looks more like a full 4.5Ah version, it will have greatly reduced weight, but it’s also going to have the same voltage and the capacity.

That also means that you are going to be able to get a lot more work done, but the tool itself will be a lot lighter. A huge advantage over the old battery pack and the new one will be the size and weight.

Same voltage and same storage capacity. Because they are using different cell, they were able to pack a lot more power in the smaller package with the new style. It only weighs 13.5 ounces, and that’s a 9-ounce different from the previous model.

Which means not only does it weigh half the original weight, but it can do a lot more. If you compare it to the M18 Red Lithium battery, the competitors 1.5Ah battery are still bigger in size.

Like all 18V tools in Hitachi’s cordless lineup, the battery is going to be on a slide rail system. There is a button on the left-hand side and right-hand side of the pack, just press those in and hold it, and it’s going to slide right off.

You can then charge this up with the rapid charger which takes only 30 minutes or put a different battery on it and slide it into place, and as soon as you hear the click, it’s going to be locked in and ready to go.


The trigger on this tool is a variable speed trigger meaning the harder you press on it, the faster the chucks going to turn. So, if you want to go very slow just barely press on it or if you want to go very fast, you press it down all the way.

You will also notice a switch just above the trigger that is going to slide left to right. If you slide it all the way to the right, it’s going to be in reverse, and if you slide it all the way to the left, it’s going to be in forward.

The center position is a trigger lock that prevents you from accidentally activating the tool as you are transporting it.


At the base of the grip, you are going to see two different buttons. There is a red button and a green button. The red button will allow you to check the status of the battery pack. If you press that in and hold it, you will see some red LEDs.

When you see two of them lit up, that means that the pack is fully charged. On the other side, you will see a green button and a green LED light. This button allows you to adjust the LED light just above the trigger.

When it’s selected on/off that means the light will only turn on and off when you press in on the trigger and when you release it, it does have a 10-second delay. If you press the green button again, it’s going to completely kill power to the LED.

You can use this button as a task light by pressing the button again. That means that you don’t have to press the trigger in order to activate the LED light. Now, if you ever forget to turn off the light, don’t worry. The light has a two-minute time out.

So, if you are using it and you forget to turn it back off, it will automatically kill the power to it to conserve the battery life.


The chuck is standard quarter-inch quick release chuck. All you have to do when you want to install a bit is line it up, grab the black collar around the outside and pull that forward and the bit is going to slide right in place.

Once you are done, to remove the bit all you have to do is grab that same collar, pull it forward, and the bit is going to pop right out.

Final Thoughts

That’s all I can say for the Hitachi wh18dbdl2 review . One last thing, did you know that this machine was rated best overall impact driver by Fine Home building Magazine?

It’s nice to see Hitachi stepping up in the game and bringing out innovations. With features like these, it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

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