Choosing an Impact Wrench for Changing Tires

If all those million ways in which you can use impact wrenches to solve your problem were not enough, we can name another tough job that could be instantly killed with it.  Yes, we are talking about changing tires with the help of impact wrenches.

The real hard work required to change the change the tires of an automobile can be chopped down by using an impact wrench. Do be surprised, your impact wrench can easily complete this job and that too within a matter of minutes.

How good are impact wrenches, when used for changing tires?

If you too have this question your mind then perhaps you didn’t pay attention when you visited an automobile repair shop. These are the most important and handy tool found in every mechanic shop and are literally perfect for changing tires.

The lug nuts on the rim sometimes get rusted and get jammed. In such a scenario it becomes nearly impossible to get those nuts out by hands. You need to oil and leave them or sometimes even hammer them. This consumes a lot of time and requires a lot of physical work, but if you have an impact wrench it could be done in seconds.

Which impact wrench is best for the job?

Okay, now the conversation seems to be going in the right direction. If you own an impact wrench it’s well and good but if you are looking for a new one, then there are certain features that you should have a look at before making the final choice. Following are the features you must consider.

  • Power:
    The model which you are considering must pack a punch. It should have decent power to take care of those jammed nut-bolts. This can be anywhere in the range of 100 ft-lbs to-700 ft-lbs and 700 ft-lbs to 1200 ft-lbs for standard and breakthrough torque respectively.
  • Compact in Size:
    Of course, you need something compact in size as you don’t want to carry around some bulky. Besides a compact design is much easy to handle and control while working.
  • Be lightweight:
    A lighter tool will always give you much pleasure in working compared to heavier one. Your hands won’t get fatigued even if you need to work for longer hours.
  • Simple design:
    A simple design without any fuss has many advantages. You can work with it in any way you need, use it as you like.
  • Cost:
    The main point to be kept in mind is that it should be affordable. And at the same time can serve your purpose. Chasing a rainbow is not a good idea anytime.

What kind of choices do we have?

This question has more than one answer and I am really like each one of them. So without wasting a single moment let’s have a look at the various impact wrenches at our disposal.

  1. Cordless impact wrenches for changing tires

People who own cordless power tools such as an impact driver or a drill truly understand them and appreciate the convenience & portability that comes side by side with such devices. The cordless impact wrenches are no different, they provide you with an opportunity to take care of your work on the go. These devices come in handy when you don’t have a power supply for other sources.

These are really helpful in cases when you need to change the tires of your car all of a sudden in the middle of nowhere. Even if you run out of juice for some models it’s not an issue as they can directly be coupled with 12v supply from a car battery. Here you don’t need to drag a hose or extension cord around your van, just freedom of work.

Check out some of the Best Cordless Impact Wrench for changing tires

  1. Corded (electric) impact torque wrenches for changing tires

When you own a bigger van, whose lug nuts are quite hardly jammed then you need to have a better torque wrench. A wrench that can deliver more power compared to the cordless models. This extra power is the result of a bigger and powerful motor in the wrench, as now the wrench can stop thinking about the power source as it has nearly unlimited power.

These power tools are mostly used for professionals, they are sufficient to take care of the most jobs you can come across quite easily.

  1. Air powered (pneumatic) impact wrenches:

let suppose that you work professionally and Mack truck arrives whose wheels are needed to be changes. It’s for sure that both the cordless and electric model cannot take this job. Here comes our heavyweight tool that can take care of any job thrown at it.

The air impact wrenches are the fastest and feature the most power. You can see in F1 races all the impact wrenches used are the pneumatic type, as they are really fast and features the highest torque rating. Also, this tool is the lightest among all of the three, which means much easier to work.


So we have nearly seen all the cases of impact wrenches that are widely used by professionals to take care of their tire changes. While the cordless impact wrench gives you the option for freedom of wires and portability it lacks somewhere in power.

The electric corded model offers above-average powers but offers partial mobility, you can take it where you have a power supply. On the other hand, we have air impact wrenches which are most powerful but cannot be relocated easily.

The final choice depends on your budget and needs whether you need it for personal professional use. Consider every aspect and then select a model that suits your need the best.