Tacklife SDH13DC Advanced Cordless Screwdriver Review

Screwdrivers come in handy, and that rings even truer for cordless, lightweight designs. You can use these appliances for many different household tasks, with all the advantages that only a cordless tool can offer. Portability is the most important feature because it allows you the freedom you are looking for.

Corded designs tend to limit the area you can work in, while also restricting your freedom of movement during the task. You need power outlets, and you have to be within a certain distance, making the whole ordeal rather cumbersome. A cordless design doesn’t have these limitations.

Another important aspect is versatility, both the appliances and yours. Some designs feature a multi-position handle that allows you to the tool in different ways. The fact that there is no cord, grants you the same versatility when it comes to body positioning.

You can get under a bed or climb under the table, which would be extremely difficult with a corded screwdriver. It’s child’s play with a portable one.

The third advantage is easy to transport. These appliances weigh only a few pounds or sometimes even less than that. You can easily carry them in a bag, box, or even your coat pocket, if it is big enough for the screwdriver. Safety is also important, and these designs don’t use electricity to operate, only for recharging.

If you need to complete a quick task around the house or you have to go somewhere and you want to pack light but need a tool like that, the is a pretty good bet. This cordless screwdriver boasts all the above-described convenient features.

Tacklife SDH13DC Cordless Screwdriver

Tacklife SDH13DC Technical Features

  • Package contents:

The package includes the screwdriver, a drill bit set with 31 different bits, a USB charging cable, a user manual, a maintenance card as well as the package box. There are no fancy extensions or any other gimmicks, just the essential.

  • Engine:

The Tacklife SDH13DC has a very powerful motor. It is capable of a maximum torque of 4Nm and has a no-load speed of 200 RPM. This is enough to effectively screw and unscrew any bolts if the bit matches the screw’s pattern. It is a compact design that takes up less space and produces less noise than the previous versions made by the manufacturer.

  • Torque adjustment:

The torque adjustment feature allows you to screw bolts without stripping, which is ideal for the smaller jobs that require precision rather than sheer force. If you adjust it, you can find the best combination of power and comfort for any tasks.

  • Pre and Post-LED light:

The Tacklife SDH13DC has a feature that should be a basic for any cordless screwdriver, an LED light. This design takes it even further and features not one, but two such lights, a Pre-LED and a Post-LED light. We are talking about two separate lights, one (pre-LED) for the work, and a separately controlled light that you can use as a torch. The pre-LED light only turns on when you are using the appliance, whereas the Post-LED light is a separate light source located at the bottom of the screwdriver.

  • Three-position handles:

The angle of the drill can be set to three different positions. All you have to do is push a button, located on the side. Once you do that, you are free to find the best angle to fit your needs the most.

  • Portable, lightweight design:

The drill weighs 1.2 pounds, which is considered very light even among cordless screwdrivers. This – along with the versatile handle – makes the Tacklife SDH13DC a highly portable design.

  • USB-recharging:

You can recharge the battery through a computer or other home appliance, provided they have a USB port. This is a very convenient, welcome feature.

  • Circuit board:

The appliance features a highly capable circuit board that makes the machine hum like a bird. The design is very safe – the board is in the handle – and therefore not prone to overheating.


  • Cordless design
  • USB charging
  • Angle adjustment feature
  • Lightweight design
  • LED lights
  • Ergonomic design, great grip
  • Three-position handle
  • Efficient gearbox design


  • The plastic bits don’t have great durability

Summary of Features

The Tacklife SDH13DC has an excellent engine, and one could argue that it is the design’s claim to fame. The engine can provide a maximum torque of 4Nm and can reach up to 200 RPM (no-load speed). In addition, it is a very quiet design that will not wake up the neighbors. It also comes with a torque adjustment feature allowing the user to handle screws without stripping, an ideal feature for any appliance was created for smaller, around the house tasks. The Tacklife also features two LED lights, the front one turns on when the drill is used. The second one is located on the bottom and can be used as a torch.

You can control them separately. The handle has three different positions when it comes to the angle, making the drill even more versatile. With this feature, you have many angle and grip options, and you can comfortably use the drill even in tight spaces. You can change between the angles with the side button located on the handle. With its 1.2 pounds weight, the Tacklife SDH13DC is a compact and lightweight screwdriver, which you can recharge through a USB port.

Tacklife SDH13DC vs. GOCHANGE Portable Cordless Drill

The GOCHANGE Portable Cordless Drill is another versatile, lightweight cordless screwdriver. It weighs 1.1 pounds, and the package has 45 screwdriver bits in it. The battery contains Nickel-Cadmium that holds a charge well and has a 4.8V voltage. As most cordless designs, the GOCHANGE is a very convenient screwdriver for many different home projects.

Final Verdict

Both screwdrivers are very practical, but the Tacklife SDH13DC can provide the same basic advantages while also offering additional features. The LED-lights, the superior battery, the USB-recharging or the torque adjustment make the Tacklife SDH13DC the superior choice between the two. This screwdriver is a great addition to any home toolbox.