Types of Power Tools and Their Uses

There are dozens of different types of power tools and their uses vary as well. Their versatility makes them great for household repairs and different home projects, or even bigger construction jobs. If you use the right tool for the right job, the rewards can be significant, when it comes to time and money. In the long run, power tools can save and earn you money.

Furthermore, you can achieve a higher level of quality, which should be the goal in most cases. Almost all types of power tools and their uses can make your work more accurate and efficient. You want to get the job done, and you want it to do it quickly and efficiently. These appliances can help you achieve that.

List of Power Tools and their Uses

  • Rotary Tools
  • Rotary Sander
  • Chainsaw
  • Drill
  • Impact Driver
  • Nail Gun
  • Jigsaw
  • Table Saw
  • Miter Saw
  • Router
  • Paint Sprayer
  • Air Compressor
  • Plasma Cutter

There are several dozen types of power tools available, including the nine or ten arguably most important ones. If you have these at your disposal, you can cover just about any home improvement or household project.

Power tools don’t rely on your manual labor to make them work and most have electric motors to act as a power source making any job quicker and more efficient. Some power tools use compressed air or a fuel source like gasoline but these are less common in household use.

Power tools are great for garden, housework, and even cleaning because they can be used for so many different applications like drilling, fastening, cutting, grinding, polishing, shaping, sanding, and routing.

Power tools come in two types – stationary or portable. Portable tools are usually handheld and can even be battery operated which makes them much easier to take with, the trade-off is you’ll likely have less power than a stationary tool or one that requires being plugged in.

Rotary tool

When we are talking about types of power tools and their uses, a rotary tool is one of the, if not the most important appliance. Its value comes from its versatility and its multi-purpose usability. Ideally, you want power tools in your home that can help you in more ways than one, and when you are talking about the rotary tool you can expect it to perform many as a dozen different tasks.

The multiple functions come down to the many different attachments you can use with this appliance. Sanding, polishing, etching just to name a few, this tool should be very high on your list.

Usage of Rotary Tool

Technicians and DIYers use rotary tools for de-rusting and polishing objects that lack in natural lusters. Well, this is the most common use of it. Working on small details and moldings, engraving or carving, grinding sharp edges, cutting through light materials, cleaning tools and silverware – these are other prominent uses of this little wonder machine.

However, you can also use a rotary tool for grout removal between tiles and coping moldings in your woodworks. People are so creative with tools today, therefore you’ll have new uses incoming.

Rotary Sander

If you’re torn between needing an oscillating multi-tool and a rotary sander decide how much work you need to do with it. A rotary sander will cover a larger area and is more powerful than most multi-tools. This will allow you more power and usually a variable speed.

These sanders work on the same principle of an oscillating tool where the head moves back and forth at high speed to create a smooth finish much the same as you would through hand sanding, only much quicker. A 5” tool is more than enough for most home use and will work on sanding wood and metal projects. The nicer ones also have dust bags so help make clean-up easier.

Uses of Rotary Sander

Sanders is available in a range of types depending on your sanding exercises. To summarize, if you plan to sand on rough surfaces, or repairing poorly done saw cuttings, or giving joints a neater look, then belt sanders would be the convenient choice.

FYI, buffing and polishing is a no-brainer for Sanders, and getting into detailed sanding will require a detail sander or palm sander. To remove old coatings and surface wood from workpieces, random-orbit or orbital sander is brought to use.

Among other sanders, you will find the drum sander and belt-disc sander. These two are more of large-scale and robust sanders.


A classic one, the chainsaw is a heavy-duty tool that requires you to adhere to established safety rules. If you are looking up different types of power tools and their uses, the chainsaw probably does not appear at the top of the list, but that doesn’t make it less important.

These tools are designed for outdoor use, from cutting down limbs to taking out adult trees. The weight of these appliances vary considerably, the gas-powered models are heavier and therefore are harder to handle.

Uses of Chainsaw

You sure as heck has seen one of those chainsaw scenes in horror movies. It was for decapitating vampires then. But in real life, the chainsaw is made for tree felling, pruning, bucking and climbing.

There are also some specialized chainsaws on the market. These have the ability to even cut through concrete. In winter temperate countries or states, you may see people using chainsaws for cutting ice as well.


Another favorite, the drill, is one of the most important tools you can have in your home. Drills aren’t just ideal for drilling holes. With interchangeable attachments, you can turn them into electric screwdrivers.

Whether you want to mount a mirror, put up a painting, or build furniture, a drill is crucial for many different tasks. In most cases, they are lightweight and rechargeable making them portable and even more convenient. If you are looking for different types of power tools and their uses, the drill is always near the top of the list.

Drill Usage:

Drills are used for drilling hole into things – that is all you know by the name. But going a bit deep will determine which type of drill you are talking about. Using a set of attachments and drill bits, you can use drills for almost everything.

Tightening or loosening nuts and screws, driving bolts into concrete, installing drywalls, planting pilot holes and many other assembly-disassembly chores are taken care of by different drilling units.


Impact Driver is an essential tool for the homeowners and DIYers.

If you don’t already have a cordless drill then this is ideal. The tool also comes with an internal slip clutch that can provide more torque than a cordless drill for more power on the job. Unless you’re planning on driving large fasteners a drill/driver is more than sufficient for most home needs. Look for a drill driver that has a brushless motor as it will last longer and not get as hot.

Usage of Driver

Impact drivers are unlike typical drills. They both do the same thing; drilling holes and driving screws and bolts. Nonetheless, impact drivers deal it with a higher amount of torque. A drill driver carries torque too, but when you need to beat the shit out of the screw and bolt, you think of using nothing but an impact driver.

An impact driver uses an impact to twist the fastener into the material. It is perfect for driving large leg screws quickly and easily than a drill.

Nail Gun

Nail guns provide accurate power for nailing while helping to conserve nails. If we sort the types of power tools and their uses, nail guns are in the middle of the pack in terms of popularity, but they are very handy everyday home appliances. Having to nail something is common, and with a nail gun, it’s easy and safe.

Although they seem dangerous – and could be, if not used properly -, these appliances are safer than a nail and a hammer. Check out our article about best nail gun reviews

Depending on your product you might also get a staple gun for free, not necessarily something you need but it tends to get thrown in which is useful for upholstery or packaging. A nail gun is great for attaching molding or baseboard quickly and even larger woodworking projects.

Usage of Nailgun

Commonly known as nailer or nailgun is widely used for putting nails into wooden materials as well as some other. However different nailers allow space for a different level of works. Such as; heavy-duty wood framing requires a framing nail gun. And, roofing nailers do shorter nailing on roofs with wider heads.

For indoor trimming and jobs of the like, finishing nailers are the best to go with. Then you also have brad nailers and finishing nailers for specific woodworking chunks.


Any list that mentions types of power tools and their uses needs to include the jigsaw. Contrary to the popular belief, jigsaws are safe power tools and ideal for beginners. Having one allows you to cut in certain patterns, mostly curved and circular.

Without a jigsaw, this would be extremely difficult. If you want more practicality, orbital designs are better, but otherwise, a corded model is just as good.

Usage of Jigsaw

Jigsaw is basically used for making cuts (straight and curved) or stencils in a range of different materials. It works on plastic, particle board, plywood, wood, metal and even on ceramic tiles.

Except cutting out wood, it is ideal for adding a decorative touch to your furniture and scroll-working, and pipe-working. On top of that, you can even use a jigsaw cutting the carpet which is tough on your scissors or knives. Using a concrete blade, you can dig a hole into spongy concrete and fiber cement as well.

Table saw

Table saws allow you to cut wood and other materials accurately and efficiently. If you are working with wood on a daily basis, this could be one of the most important power tools for you. With a table saw, you can cut up firewood quickly, or create components for your homemade furniture.

Usage of Table Saw

This woodworking tool is a familiar piece in timber mills or sawmills. It can do a lot of different types of cutting and different enjoiners. But, its true purpose is to do two types of cuts really well.  One is a cross-cut, and the other is a rip-cut.

Cutting across a short dimension on a piece of wood and along the length of the wood are the charm of a table saw operation. So, the main job of the Table Saw is to cut large wood pieces that aren’t easy to go handy.


Another power tool for woodworkers, a router helps you to hollow out areas in hard materials. It is not necessarily a tool that belongs in every workshop, but it can come in handy if you are a woodworker. Working with walnut or snakewood require appliances able to deal with hard materials, and a router is exactly that kind of tool.

Usage of Router

Woodworkers use routers for hollowing out a particular area in their workpiece. Despite, the main application of a router is cabinetry, and used as a plunger, the most common use is just routing. You ready for the routing below?

Routing grooves for long cuts in material surfaces, routing a cove or rounded groove on the edge, routing a rebate aka 90-degree groove alongside a workpiece, routing a chamfer or any angled-cut across the corner, routing veining for thinner cuts, routing beading for decorative wood crafting, and routing molding for attractive finishing.


The trimmer is the ultimate garden tool. If you have a green area, having this appliance is a must. You can effortlessly trim your bushes and trees, or even cut smaller branches and turn your garden into a Garden of Eden. Powerful, gas-powered models can deal with even the toughest, densest plants. If you are thinking of types of power tools and their uses, and you have a garden, the trimmer will serve you well.

Usage of Trimmer

Well, not a hair trimmer. It is a grass cutter. Areas where your lawnmower fails to reach, call for a grass trimmer. So, you use trimmers on the edges of your lawn to cut the grass leftover by the lawnmower machine.

Miter saw

A miter saw is probably an essential power tool you can have. If you’re only getting one this is it. For a starter size a 10” saw is enough for most DIY projects, especially because if you can slide whatever you’re cutting you can stretch that up to about 14”. Miter saws are useful for framing doorways, installing crown molding, and installing baseboard. You can do a lot of work simple with a miter saw and a basic hammer and nails.

It works by allowing you to make cuts at an angle quickly. Miter saws come in three varieties – compound miter saw, dual compound miter saw and sliding compound miter saw. A compound miter saw has a blade that pivots in one direction left and right while dual compounds will tilt in two directions for more flexibility, sliding miter saws also have a radial arm so you can slide the saw back and forth to make a longer cut.

Miter saws are ideal for cutting baseboards, and they are quite handy when you are framing doorways. The most common models have 10-inch saws, but you can find saws of up to 14 inches, providing high power and impeccable accuracy.

Usage of Miter Saw

Core uses of a miter saw is limited to cutting of molding and trim. Wanna cut a board in half? No worries at all, a miter saw is enough for regular cuts, angled cuts, bevel, and compound cuts.

Plus, while planning on making several cuts of the same length, a miter saw can undergo pretty easily and save your hassle with hand tools or a circular saw. This is how repeatable cuts are made easy.

Paint Sprayer

If you’ve ever painted a room then you know just how tedious and spotty it can be. Brushers are great for small and precise jobs but when it comes to large areas where you want a nice even coat it’s almost guaranteed you’ll have splotches and areas where the coat is uneven. A paint sprayer can take the guesswork out of whether or not you went over that area by laying down a single even coat when depressing the trigger.

Paint sprayers have a huge variety since they can come with different nozzles and power sources. The most precise is pneumatic and you can get small airbrushes for detailing which are essentially miniature paint sprayers. For most projects, you’ll want a sprayer that has a decent reservoir or one that can be changed easily. These are for applying lacquers, stains, paint, and any liquid you want to coat a surface evenly.

Usage of Paint Sprayer

Its use is not limited to household painting. Rather, you can use a paint sprayer in automotive refinishing shops for added advantages. The same goes for marine fishing as with automobiles. Applying architectural coatings for indoor and outdoor also works perfectly with a paint sprayer.

Another area that comprises the use of sprayers at large is furniture finishing. Spraying is more exact and precise than ever before with an HVLP spray gun. Quicker and effortless too.

Air compressor

Most designs have a reciprocating pistol. Similar to a combustion engine, the power comes from the energy of the discharge, using pressurized air to complete the process. They are ideal for inflation and stapling, and a must-have in auto repair shops.

Usage of Air Compressor:

Air compressors have a throng of uses in your personal and professional life. For blowing up inflatable stuff and adding air to your vehicle tires, cleaning tight spaces with air pressure, and using pneumatic tools for DIY chores require an air compressor. So, having one at your very home can be a plus point in these cases.

Commercial users like painting vehicles, sanding or woodworking, running dental and medical equipment, sandblasting in machine shops, using power tools by air, and manufacturing facilitation also call for an air compressor

Besides those stated above, industrial, pharmaceutical, energy exploration, manufacturing, food, and beverage, dry cleaning, agriculture or farming industry has plenty of uses for an air compressor to quote.

Plasma Cutter

It is a tool that combines electric arc and a gas (such as; air, oxygen, nitrogen, argon etc.) to form a plasma that can cut through conductive metals (like; aluminum, copper, steel etc.). The tool drives the electric arc into a finely confined torch where the compressed gas passes through a wafer-thin nozzle.

Uses of Plasma Cutter

Generally speaking, plasma cutters are basically a precision tool to undergo metalwork. You can cut through almost each and every electrically conductive metal regardless of the thickness. However, different volumes of voltages have to comply as per the cutting need.

Plasma cutters have a variety of use in many aspects. Starting from simple metal repairs, technicians use it for plumbing, refrigeration works, metal sculpting, shop fabrication, demolition, and recycling. Yet, the list goes on.

Angle Grinder

Basically, it is a handheld grinder. People also call it disc grinder, and in some cases side grinder too. It is a commonly seen power tool for cutting and polishing metals in a professional manner. A motor inside the unit drives a thin abrasive disc that is associated with a right-angled gear head to the motor.

Uses of Angle Grinder

Apart from the basic cutting and grinding job in construction and metalworking sites, this handy machine is widespread in many other areas. Like, emergency rescues, service garages, auto body repairs and etc.

The tool offers a manifold of productivity with a different set of discs. For example; cut-off discs AKA diamond discs, grinding stones, wire brush wheels, sanding discs, polishing pads are used to get certain jobs done at ease.


If you study the different types of power tools and their uses, you should start with the handiest designs and appliances that you know you will use on a daily or at least weekly basis. These may include the rotary tool and the drill, two of the most basic, and yet incredibly versatile appliances.

If you frequently do household projects, you really can’t go wrong with these tools. They allow you to finish projects more quickly. Power tools like these also allow you to be creative in your DIY tasks.

When you have the right tools to do the work efficiently, you take on projects you would never have approached before. This is why people end up buying multiple tools after their first one because they are fun to use. People quickly realize just how big a help they are.

The quality and efficiency you can achieve with them do not compare to the work you can do using traditional tools. It is possible to do an amazing job without them, but it will almost certainly be slower. Power tools allow you to work with more speed and accuracy, and save money in the process.

We have described here some essential tools. But there are lot more essential tools we reviewed like Best Cordless Impact Wrench, Best Rotary Hammer Drill etc.