Advantages of Using a Cordless Ratchet

For each and every one of you, who are looking to know more about cordless Ratchets it’s the lucky day. Because today we have dedicated our post to cordless Ratchets into two main sections. Primarily “The advantages of cordless ratchets” and secondly “How do a Ratchet works?

Technological advancements have made our life much simple and still continues. Over the past couple of years, revolutionary upgrades have been added to our garage inventory which makes most of our work very simpler. A cordless Ratchet is one such invention which takes care of all your unnecessary physical work.

If you are still outdated and use manual wrenches for ratcheting, then people it’s time for an upgrade. Else if you are looking to break free from the chorded radius of your old ratchet tools then you are at the place at the perfect time.


Who needs a cordless Ratchet?

A cordless ratchet comes in handy for every kind of ratcheting job doesn’t matter how big or small the job is. So whether you are a professional technician or a hobbyist or just a normal guy with odd jobs, it will help for sure. Just imagine a scenario, it’s the good old 1990s and you walk into your garage and find that there is a ton of wrenching needs to be done.

You use your wrench, after few nuts and lots of swings your hands get tired. What now, all that works needs to be still completed. On the other hand, if you would have walked in with a Ratchet all of that wrenching work could have been completed in minutes and that too without breaking a sweat. This is the power of a Ratchet.

Why upgrade to a cordless Ratchet?

There will be many people among us who might have already own a Ratchet (maybe electric or air), who can sure ask this question. The answer is a big yes, if you are a professional with a Ratchet and needs to finish a project on a boat or someplace with no power supply or working space so.

In all the above-mentioned case your regular Ratchet won’t be of much use.

Now think of a Ratchet that would not require an external power source and would fit in the tightest space where nothing else would fit. It will be surely a game-changer. This will help you to complete each and every type of assignment doesn’t matter what difficulty or obstacles they offer.

How does a cordless Ratchet different from regular wrenches?

If we talk about the differences between the two, it would be similar to that of a bicycle and a bike. Both of them have similar action but the time and physical work required varies greatly.

If we talk about the working action you need to mount your regular wrench on the fastener or the nut-bolt then take a full swing at it. Now take off the wrench and again mount it on the starting position and make the swing, this will continue until the bolt or fastener gets torqued properly.

On the other hand, if we consider a cordless Ratchet you need not take such pain. Just mount the ratchet on the nut-bolt or fastener and just with the flip of a switch, it gets tightened or loosens. All of this process just takes a couple of seconds.

What is a Ratchet and how does it work?

Well, this one of the highly discussed questions among work professionals that how a ratchet gets such a unique motion feature. To under this first, we need to understand what is a Ratchet? It can be any mechanical device that is capable of continuous linear or rotational motion in the desired direction and a fixed minimal motion in the opposite direction.

  • Mechanism:

Every Ratchet has three main components, namely the gear, the pawl, and the mounting base. The gear is circular in shape and features a linear rack of teeth which are asymmetrical in shape with the moderately curved surface on one side and other being nearly straight.

The Pawl is kind of spring-loaded trigger which keeps on sliding on the smoother side as long as the motion is in the desired direction. As soon as you try to move it in another direction it will get bolted after covering the distance between two successive teeth. This distance is also known as the Backlash. This entire working setup is known as the Ratcheting mechanism.

  • Working:

one should understand from the name itself that cordless Ratchets work purely on the battery. These devices are powered by the heavy-duty Li-ion batteries, which are capable of delivering hours of runtime. The battery powers a special motor which gives the required rotational motion. These motors are capable of giving 250rpms without consuming much power. All you need to do is to charge it properly, mount it on the target and flip the switch, rest everything is taken care of by the Ratchet itself.

Advantages of a cordless Ratchet

Here we are at the core of our discussion, that why do we need the cordless Ratchets. Let’s get straight to it without wasting any moment further. If you have the best cordless ratchet following are for sure benefits you will get.

  • Portability:

The prime factors which give it an edge over other similar devices which may be even more powerful. This is the sole reasons which lead to its popularity among the professionals. You can easily take it with you without having second thoughts.

  • Maneuverability:

Where do think that the best impact wrench gets beaten by this small device? It’s not the power it’s the capability to maneuver in tight spaces at desire. Other devices are either limited by their size or cable & chords to move but as these are free from both the aspect, it works at desire place and angle. Handling ratchet is a lot easier than any other power tools. It enables you to work more freely.

  • Compactness:

If your working project offers really tight spaces to work it becomes nearly impossible to use those big guns. These fit quite easily in all working spaces. Moreover, they are much easy to carry around, just put them in the side pocket of your bag and go wherever you want.

  • Wider range:

When you consider the range of a Ratchet it far more than regular wrenches as it is compatible with all the size of Sockets (both shallow and deep).

  • Increases productivity:

You know that when it comes to business “time is money” and in that regard, it saves your hour per day. The work which you would finish in an hour or so with regular wrenches can be completed in a matter of minutes. This increases your productivity manifold.

  • Decreases physical hard work:

If I can say it more clearly, converts the hard work into smart work. Why keep pulling your muscles when it can be done just by pressing a button.

  • Increases workplace safety:

Consider the case of working with regular wrenches in a close confined place; you are certainly sure that you will end up with busted knuckles and pealed skin. But if you use a cordless ratchet there are zero chances of such incidents.

  • Increases the lifetime components:

When you are using your old fashion wrenches they always run with the risk of over torquing. And over torquing always leads to round heads, which make the components completely useless. In some cases, you even cannot dismantle the component and repair them. This is a serious problem which can be avoided by using cordless Ratchets.

These are just a few notable examples out of the long list. You will get to know each one of them when you start to use them. We will be discussing more Cordless Ratchets in our upcoming posts.