8 Reasons Why You Should Go For A Cordless Impact Wrench

There are many reasons to go cordless. They can be just as powerful as their corded counterparts.

If you don’t believe me, you should get a reality check. It’s the 21st century. Just like smartphones, tools are getting compact and powerful.

If power isn’t your concern and you are looking for more reasons to get convinced, stick around, read the full article. Hopefully, I will be able to get my point across. Now, here are the top 8 reasons why you should go for a cordless impact wrench.

Have ever got stuck loosening a rusty old lug nut? Perhaps you have been trying to get that corroded nut out but ended up straining your back.

Strained your veins and cursing your luck at the process. If these scenarios look familiar, my friend you need a corded impact wrench.

It may seem like these tools are a bit of an overkill, but if you end up with a rusty old bolt and get stuck, these tools can be a lifesaver. Ask any home-garage owners, they’ll tell you why you need them.

Why You Should Go For A Cordless Impact Wrench

  1. Time Saver

Sure, you could fit a nut with your hands. Assuming you have the proper strength for it. But, I’m talking about lots of nuts and bolts. Imagine, can you do all of that by hand?

It won’t take a genius to figure this equation. Why do all the hard work when a tool small as a cucumber can do the job for you. I mean cordless tools are compact.

And, if you can afford to spend quite a few bucks on them, they can do all the heavy work for you.

It literally takes a minute to fasten or loosen a lug nut. Depending on the circumstances (torque, size of the lug nut), it can even do it in seconds.

  1. Sufficient Battery Power

These tools are battery powered. Will they be enough for you? Will it be dead after removing three to four nuts or can you do more? If you have seen somebody taking of two or three lug nuts, that’s expected. I know!

But, what about all four tires? You’ll be really surprised to know that some cordless impact guns out there can easily remove 20 or more lug nuts and will still have enough juice on the battery to do more.

Need proof?

Why not check out this video right here.

This dude took off all four tires with his 4Ah 19.2V impact gun. See! That’s the kind of power I’m talking about. What really surprised me is that he even got those tires back on.

  1. Vehicle Owners Best Friend

If you have seen that video, you will know why any vehicle owner should keep one of these at their disposal.

If you own a car, it’s important that you keep your tires lug nut checked. You don’t want to end up being that guy who lost a tire on the road and sat there looking at the damaged car.

Saves you the time to get a mechanic and tighten all the tires. Not to mention money.

  1. Less of a Hassle

For this part, I’ll be assuming you already own an air powered impact gun. Old school tools. Hey, I’ll admit that they are powerful. Why wouldn’t they be?

It’s backed up by this huge air compressor that provides all the power it needs. As well as the noise. But, if you are short on space or money, get a powerful cordless impact gun and it’ll do the same thing.

While also saving you space. You no longer need to haul an air compressor. Every time you need some tires changing, you can say goodbye to your old compressor and get your handy-dandy cordless gun out.

  1. Lots of Usages

This has to be one of my favorite things that I like about these tools. So far, I’ve been talking about best cordless impact wrench for lug nuts. But, if you opt-in for the smaller sized impact wrench, you’ll be able to do interior work or get down to doing smaller stuff.

It depends on what type of vehicle or equipment you are working on. That will determine what size impact wrench you will actually need.

Interior work, tight engine work, transmission work where you need to get under your car to do. These portable tools are a blessing for garage owners.

95% of your automotive work will fall in the mid-torque range. What I mean is, you can do almost all your garage works with a cordless impact wrench. They have the torque to back you up.

Removing rusty suspensions, rusty nuts, or some crank bolts, switch to higher torque model (700 ft./lbs. or more) and you’re good to go.

  1. Ergonomic Design

One thing you’ll notice is that these tools look more like a gun. I assume that’s where the name “impact gun” came from.

The overall design of these tools is so ergonomic that you won’t feel that much strain on your hands while working with these power tools.

Most of the high-end tools have a comfortable grip. There are basically two types of body design. Inline and pistol-grip. Pick the one you feel most comfortable with.

  1. Weight? Bad or Good? The Fair Trade!

A lot of people will say that these tools are bulkier. Well, that’s true. All the weight comes from the motor and the battery. However, it isn’t that heavy. You don’t have to worry about getting fatigued.

While some of them are kind of heavy. That’s up to you. If you can afford it, you can get yourself some decent cordless wrench that is lightweight, has a lot of RPM/IPM and great battery life.

  1. Portability

The most obvious reason for them all. Duh! These tools don’t have any wires attached to them. You can basically take them anywhere you want. As long as you have the battery power for it to operate.

With the use of the clip-on mechanism, which is a convenient feature in these tools, you can attach the tools to your belt. Just like a gun holster. Not a real gun though.

This gives you the freedom to work hands-free. You don’t need to move a lot to get your tool and you can always carry it along with you for emergencies.


That sums up the top 8 Reasons Why You Should Go For A Cordless Impact Wrench. If you aren’t convinced yet, or simply don’t trust these modern tools, why not keep them as an emergency backup in case something happens to your air compressor.